Why do I opt for CST when there are plenty of other tests available in India?

Yes, there are plethora of on-line as well as off line career selection tests are available in our country but they all are based on individual or two or three people’s creation which do or don’t supported by any scientific process or proven methodology. However, our test is the only one which is solely based on proven Nuero Brain Mapping which is most validated scientific technique as well as proven one across UK & Europe. It is exclusively designed for India for Indian education system.

What is Career Selection Test™ (CST)?

Career Selection Test™ is a scientific tool which helps the student to understand their innate strengths, personality & behavior pattern which help them in shaping their right professional career. It is a brain mapping technique propounded by Prism UK. Many psychometrics professional prefers this test over the old psychometric testing. PRISM Brain Mapping is the world’s most comprehensive, neuroscience-based behaviour mapping instrument. For Indian students, we have specifically designed this test which is 100% apt for Indian education system. This is a proven test being used across the world & some of the benefits are;

  • CST is self assessment & brain mapping test
  • CST is a gateway to successful life
  • CST is being designed to identify your capability
  • CST gives you career direction
  • CST is well tested method in UK for career selection


Who can get benefits from CST?

Since selecting career is the first step of entering into any profession & no one can afford to just leave the decision at destiny or gut based decision in this age of knowledge. Hence, taking the right step with scientific reason will surely assure the higher success rate. The following student can enjoy the benefits from CST while selecting the career option;

  • Standard IX & X: What stream to choose from?
  • Standard XI & XII: What option to choose from?
  • Graduate: What next course to opt for?
  • MBA/PGDM: Which stream will suits my behavior pattern or personality or innate strengths?

These students can get the right decision based on scientific methodology.

How & when can student opt for CST test?

Since CST is a comprehensive online test & you can opt at any convenient time but we recommend you to do only when you are free to spare your time & don’t opt when you are going through any performance pressure or agony.