About Us

Knowledgeisland is a team of professionals dedicated to enhance the competencies of budding as well as existing professionals through our innovative scientific techniques on a sustained basis resulting into enhanced performance.


"To capture the heart & mind of our customers by serving through;

  • Quality
  • Speed of services
  • Innovation in products & services

by harnessing strength of people, processes & technology, persistently."

Knowledgeisland focuses on the entire Life Cycle of education viz., schooling, professional courses & continuous executive learning program through unconventional sources with optimum utilization of technologies. Some of our innovative services are launched first time in the world.

Meratutors.com, apart from searching tutors or listing tutors free of cost, various services pertaining to education, we are going to serve students & parents of school going children with our innovative product "Blossom" which is bound to enhance children’s productive engagement on PC, Laptop & Mobile.

Mycompetencybuilder.com is a unique & scientific system where students of Management, Engineering, Pharmacy & IT can build their competencies while they are studying in the college through our scientifically designed product "Competency Builder". This will not only enhances their employability but their overall grooming for achieving success in their career. Apart from students, young executives can hone their competencies by joining our CLP (Continuous Learning Program) which is none other than senior executives of the same profession coaches & groom them in real world.

CareerSelectionTest.com is a scientific way to select a career from a plethora of available options.

Education experience would be entirely exciting for students & all service providers. The sole objective of our team is to cater you by serving all your needs pertaining to your education & training in a very distinguished way. In brief, we shall provide everything at your doorstep, just a click away!

Wish you great time ahead & happy careerselectiontest.com surfing !